11 June 2023 Transport Watch
The Oldie September 2022, by Tom Hodgkinson. “I’m all for the under-reported anti-traffic-lights movement and its leader, journalist Martin Cassini.”
Daily Telegraph April 2022. Cut motorway limits to help the environment? Irrelevant.
Daily Telegraph April 2019. Still railing against conventional traffic control.
Devon Live March 2018 My attempt to get Barnstaple to trial lights-off.
Telegraph March 2018 Quoted in article by Tom Welsh
Transport Network May 2017
Cambridge News Aug 2016 – a front page piece about my critique of Cambridge’s transport strategy, commissioned by the Chamber. The Cambridge News changed hands and the link was lost, but it’s in the vaults. Ditto with some of the Bristol Post articles below.
Evidence Oct 2016, Women & Equalities Committee: Disability & the Built Environment
In Buxton March 2016
Billions to be saved from traffic system reform North Devon Journal, Jan 2016
Traffic policy makes congestion worse Motor Transport, Jan 2016
Traffic Controls and the Economy IEA, Jan 2016
Daily Mail October 2015 (see this too)
Thunderer The Times, October 2015
Opinion PanAm Post by Professor Daniel Raisbeck of Del Rosario University, Bogotá
Opinion, Journal The scope for beneficial savings in traffic system reform, April 2015
North Devon Gazette Jan 2015: air quality in Braunton
BBC website Summary of Four Thought, 16 May 2012
Changed priorities ahead Intertraffic, December 2012
Poynton Regenerated Liver Magazines, October 2012
Totnes Times P.2. Equality Streets to the rescue? 26.6.13 (sorry, subscription req)
No need to raise VAT ConservativeHome, July 2010 (no political affiliation)
North Devon Gazette 24 July 2014
City AM article, 2013
North Devon Gazette 16 Jan 2013
Traffic Lights Readers’ Digest, Jan 2012
The awkward truth? TEC, 2011
Bristol Evening Post 1 September 2010: Venting frustration with traffic authority
Observer 7 Oct 07, Comment editor, Ruaridh Nicoll, asked me to contribute to this topic
No Idle Matter Traffic Technology, 2007, about the effect of traffic control on air quality
The case against traffic lights BBC website/Newsnight 14.1.2008
Library of Economics and Liberty by Alex Tabarrok
Kind Cuts Institute of Economic Affairs, 14.7.10
Traffic Lights – Weapons of Mass Distraction, Danger and Delay Economic Affairs, 2010
C-ing red Guardian, 21 September 2008
Roadsafe Magazine 2008
Rip Them Out Daily Telegraph, Oct0ber 2006, re-published Jan 2008
Other articles with references:
15 Oct 2009
Bristol Evening Post 7 Nov 2009
Bristol Evening Post 8 Sept 2011
Bristol Evening Post 15 Sept 2009 Bristol Evening Post 5 Sept 2009
North Devon Journal 22 Sept 2011
North Devon Journal
The Times
23 Jan 2007
Telegraph 14 October 2006
Economic Affairs 11 Dec 2006
Guardian. 6 May 2009. This piece by Harry Phibbs uses my material without due credit.
6 May 2009
Yahoo Cars

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Electric power from heartbeats is being harnessed via chips that use zinc oxide nanowires so small that 500 could fit in a human hair. When flexed or moved, they generate power. Five nanogenerators working together can produce 3 volts, equivalent to two AA batteries. If enough are stacked together, could they produce enough to power an electric vehicle? The research is being led by Dr Zhong Lin Wang at the Georgia Institute of Technology.