Blind alley

The One Show had a piece about blind people avoiding shared space (2min in at this link). The report itself was OK, but the subsequent comments of the celebrities in the studio, supported by the presenters, suggests that the case for shared space was inadequately made. Would the celebs have been so negative if they had seen what it was like before? Detractors seem unable to think outside the box marked “priority”, which makes roads dangerous in the first place, and produces a “need” for traffic control which fails to make roads safe – under the current system, 25,000 humans are killed or seriously hurt every year! Poynton used to have frequent serious accidents involving pedestrians. Since the scheme opened, there have been none. It’s baffling how people can think it was better before. Poynton represents real progress, and those who live in the anti-social, over-regulated past should adapt.

About Martin Cassini

Campaign founder and video producer, pursuing traffic system reform to make roads safe, civilised and efficient
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