Priority no priority

I go on about priority being the fatal flaw at the heart of the traffic system – how it’s a diabolical basis for road-user relationships, how it sets the stage for neglect and danger, how it produces a doomed, retrospective “need” for expensive, inefficient regulation, how it treats symptoms instead of the cause, and how, by replacing priority with equality, we would see most of problems on the road disappear. For years I’ve pitched the ideas to TV, because a TV series would be the optimum way to communicate the perception shift that needs to underpin the reforms that are so scandalously overdue. But TV has always found reasons for not greenlighting the project, perhaps because they genuinely think that fairy cakes are more important than children’s lives, and therefore more deserving of airtime. For years I’ve lobbied governments. Nothing doing there either. So to their shame and our continued detriment, the broadcast and political establishments resist and fail to support change. The avoidable deaths and life-changing injuries of thousands of innocents in peacetime Britain are of no interest to them. With gruesome irony, they give the subject no priority. The Press, too, have proved useless and apathetic.


About Martin Cassini

Campaign founder and video producer, pursuing traffic system reform to make roads safe, civilised and efficient
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