Chris Huhne

Of course it was ill-judged of Chris Huhne not to own up when the story broke, but how can you pervert the course of justice when speeding law based on numbers is intrinsically unjust?

As I wrote in Feb 2012: If Chris Huhne’s alleged act perverts the course of justice, does non-discretionary traffic regulation pervert the cause of justice?

From May, 2011: Whether or not Chris Huhne tried to pass the buck, his saga reveals the contortions to which citizens can be driven to escape the tentacles of a system that values the letter of the law above the spirit. Speed does not kill. It’s inappropriate speed that kills, or speed in the wrong hands. BRAKE! would claim that freedom to exercise judgement based on context is a licence to drive carelessly. On the contrary, it’s a blueprint for driving with true care and attention.

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Campaign founder and video producer, pursuing traffic system reform to make roads safe, civilised and efficient
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