Paradigm for paradise

It’s anomalous, and scandalous, that while public services are cut to the bone, tens of ¬£billions are blown on a traffic system which amounts to a public disservice. The system is dysfunctional. It fails on every count: safety, health, efficiency, cost, air quality, quality of life and space.

Road-users are drilled in the delinquent priority system, and unleashed onto a man-made war-zone. They should learn – through a new rulebook and driving test – to act sociably, i.e. take it more or less in turns. Then, with equality replacing priority, we would enjoy peaceful coexistence, shorter journey times, cleaner air, and the state would save a fortune on counterproductive traffic control.

About Martin Cassini

Campaign founder and video producer, pursuing traffic system reform to make roads safe, civilised and efficient
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