Dysfunctional system promotes delinquency

I was halfway across a High Street junction on foot, and got hooted at by a driver turning right. The Highway Code says drivers should give way to pedestrians at junctions. But the driver had a green light, so he assumed ownership of the road. With his man-given right-of-way, he might have deliberately hit me. But presumably the honk of his horn, which in the narrow space made me jump and people gape, vented his spleen. As usual, it’s the rules of the road that turn decent people into delinquents. This scenario must be played out countless times up and down the land. More often, pedestrians wait in deference for permission to cross. As they wait, they inhale invisible fumes. We all remain victims of a dysfunctional system, presided over by the state, and by politicians who should know better.

About Martin Cassini

Campaign founder and video producer, pursuing traffic system reform to make roads safe, civilised and efficient
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